Yr 4-8 Student Led Conferences Term 1 2017


TERM 1 2017

TUESDAY 11 APRIL 2.00pm - 6.00pm


Bookings are now open:


Event Code: smvtk


Parents are invited to make an 30 minute appointment for the Year 4-8 Student Led conferences. This is a time for students to show you their classroom and share their learning, achievements and reflections from this term. There will be up to five other families sharing with their children in the classroom at the same time.

At 2.00 pm Year 4-8 children will go into the church for singing practice, so school will not finish early. Those children who have their Student Led Conference at 2.00pm will be in their respective classrooms. To accommodate siblings during student conferences, Room 9 will be open from 3.00pm for children to be supervised to watch a movie.

Please book a time to share in your child’s learning.


Year 4-8 teachers.