Stationery Lists 2018


St Joseph’s School will be offering the following options for parents to purchase their child’s 2018 class stationery.

Option 1: OfficeMax – MySchool

Go to


Option 2: Paper Plus, Rototuna

Paper Plus in the Rototuna Shopping Complex will be supplying our school stationery.  Exercise books will be pre-bagged for each year level / syndicate ready to be picked up from the 11th January 2017 onwards.  The rest of the stationery list can be purchased from the Store at very competitive prices.

Don’t forget to take your Flybuys Card!


Option 3: Parent Choice

Parents can choose where to buy the stationery as per the attached lists.

Year 0-1 2018 Stationery List

Year 2-3 2018 Stationery List

Year 4-5-6 2018 Stationery List

Year 7-8 2018 Stationery List