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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Community notice

Future Property Development Project:

The Proprietor through his office has advised the Board of Trustees that St Josephs School is due for some major property development and upgrading over the next 5 years.  The overall responsibility of any major property development and work at St Josephs School is the responsibility of the Proprietor from funding that is generated for this purpose.  The main focus for the property development will be on upgrading the learning environments (classrooms) within the School.  

Over the past 12 months the Board of Trustees and school staff have been working closely with the Proprietor to develop and design a school that would fit the needs of our community and learning needs for the future.  During this time members of the staff have visited schools that have already developed flexible learning spaces seeking inspiration.  In addition to this, the Board has sought feedback and direction from building and design experts to help formulate the final draft plan, which is approved by the Proprietor.  

We are pleased to advise that, after great deliberation, we now have a plan which we feel, will accommodate our needs into the future and that we are able to share with you.  There is still some fine-tuning to be completed around classroom layouts and ongoing discussions around the development of a multi-purpose space.

The property development will be completed in several stages starting with the junior learning spaces early to mid 2017 as depicted in the attached plan.    

As you can see from the plan we have had to compromise on some field space to accommodate for the reconfigured classrooms.  Relocating classrooms onto the field has opened up the school allowing more open flow and all weather play areas benefitting both the junior and senior students.  We see this as a great use of space and believe the field will then be used to its full capacity.


Pat Peoples

St Joseph’s School Board Chair


Graeme Roil

Schools Property and Finance Manager

Catholic Integrated Schools Office


James Murray

St Joseph’s School Principal


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