The school is under the patronage of St Joseph - he to whom God entrusted to care for His Son on Earth. 

The school was established by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions in 1950. Since that time there have been many changes, both to property and personnel.

The Sisters withdrew from the school in 1979, and since that time the school has been staffed solely by lay teachers.

From its small beginnings in April 1950, when it opened with 3 teachers and 35 children, it has grown to its present size of 14 teachers and about 350 children.

The major property change of recent years has been the upgrading that was a requirement of intergration into the State System. There were 2 new classrooms and the Administration Block added in 1987 and a further classroom in 1991. The present library was also remodelled in 1987 as was the junior classroom block. It was this block that was severely damaged by fire on May 10, 1989. Further work carried out in 1994 included another classroom, re-siting the garage, and the extensions to the Administration Block. In Novemebr 1996 the parents built a further classroom at a weekend working bee. A further classroom was added at the beginning of 2000. There have been major extensions and renovations to the Administration Block in early 2001. Two new classrooms were built in 2004 as well as new toilets and changing facilities.

In 2007 three additional classrooms and a resource area were built. A major Library/Administration and school entrance project took place in 2008, plus an upgrade of the playground.

We have 14 places available for non-preference students. St Joseph's was intergrated into the State System in October 1981.

It has its own Special Character, which must be understood and valued by all who join its community.

This character is defined in terms of the school being a Catholic School, which exercises the right to live and teach the values taught to us by Jesus Christ.